The world is going through a pandemic and since, companies and offices have been temporarily shut, the only form of rescue has come from remote working. Considering the situation most of us are in,  work from home has become mainstream and it has turned out to be the best solution to sustain the business in this difficult period.

But the big question is, how can we successfully manage virtual teams?

Well, the answer is simple, ULIMI Reach! With ULIMI Reach, every member of an organization can get connected, easily and directly, irrespective of the size and number of employees. Our software allows an option to send updates, share files and conduct meaningful and relevant communication within the workforce.

Here are a few key features of ULIMI Reach:

  • Live Chat 
While taking care of a team, it is extremely important to keep the flow of interaction seamless and hassle-free, which our live chat feature guarantees you totally. This particular feature will help you with urgent and immediate response and instant connection. 
ULIMI Reach Live Chat module in use
  • Schedule Messages 
One of the best aspects about ULIMI Reach is it offers a simple process to create and schedule messages. In fact, with just one click, you can reach 1000s. Isn’t that simply awesome? Well, this is certainly one of the most feasible platforms to spread your word among the team members.
Screen where the user can send texts
  • Multimedia Attachment 
A great thing about ULIMI Reach is it has a very simple process to attach multimedia such as pictures, videos, gifts, PDF’s YouTube links etc. Using this will make it easy for you to share important pictures and PDF files among the team members for better integration.
  • Optimize For Text 
ULIMI Reach utilizes a smart sending option. With its use, you can optimize the photos and videos for text. It is indeed quite a plausible solution which can be of great help to the organization exchanging files while working remotely.
Hurry up and opt for ULIMI Reach to build a strong and efficient team. Rest assured, you can never have anything better for virtual team management.