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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a bot?

Alexa, Google Home skills, Facebook bots … what does it all mean? Automated Conversational Experiences are changing the way we interact. Voice-enabled devices offer a new, natural, and intuitive human-to-machine interaction. We can help you create custom bots based on your business requirements. 

Why use Alexa & Google voicebots?

Alexa and Google Home are the front runners in this category. Best used for complex tasks, third party integrations, business process automation, and business intelligence.

What is Natural language processing?

NLP (natural language processing) is a type of artificial intelligence that “reads the text” of our conversation and extracts the intent behind our words. NLP is applied to all of our smart assistants. 

Why use Facebook Messenger?

With over 300,000 bots made on the platform in only 2 years, you can combine traditional UI elements like cards, etc. Perfect for lead generation and E-commerce.