The Ulimi team is always creating. We work on anything and everything, from HR management time saving technology to Alexa Skills and Google Actions. Our company prides itself on creating custom solutions through voice activated smart assistants. Ulimi anticipates the future with evolution at the core of the company.

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Human Resources Technology

In life time is money, so we create solutions.

Click360 is a revolutionary HR management technology that we have built to help businesses have effective communication and transparency from top to bottom. With an arsenal of abilities, managers and employees can create goals, report incidents, complete competencies, and much more.


HR recruiters have told us that they spend an average of 30 minutes on the phone talking to candidates for jobs that they are not right for. Our solution; using a chatbot, have the candidate answer prescreening questions to see if they would be a good fit for the company. Saving both the applicant and the recruiter time.

ULIMI Recruitment Manager

Playing phone tag with job candidates and recruiters is no way to spend time. Our solution; using a chatbot, automate the back and forth between the candidate and the recruiter.

ULIMI Thermostat

Retaining employees is just as important as finding employees. With a chatbot that can check in on workforce needs, managers are able to easily check in on their employees. Keeping employees happy, increases retention and allows for managers to understand what their employees need.


Sometimes an employee is just not the right fit for a company. The important question to ask is why did they leave. Using a chatbot, the exit interview can be quick and provide useful information for future improvement.

Alexa Skills

You Ask Alexa, We Answer.

Ulimi Alexa Skill

Want to know more about Ulimi? Ask Alexa.

Want to know more about Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine? Ask Alexa.

Want to know more about how Cincinnati’s cost of living compares to other cities? Ask Alexa.

Want to know more about going to college in Cincinnati? Ask Alexa.

Want to get advice that your boss may not be telling you? Ask Alexa.

Google Assistant Actions

You Ask Google Assistant, We Answer.

Ask Fun Cincinnati

Tired of asking your family or friends what they want to do on the weekend? Look no further, ask Fun Cincinnati!

Ask Fun Cincinnati

Want to know more about a specific attraction? Ask Fun Cincinnati! 

Ask Fun Cincinnati

When it’s time to go out to eat, do you find yourself asking your family what they want to eat and not getting a response? Play Restaurant Roulette with Fun Cincinnati. 

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