Our team is a fun mix of developers, designers, creatives, and thinkers who like to build cool things that solve problems

We come from very different backgrounds but work well as a team because we all believe in one thing – people are our most valuable assets. Together, we bring a combined total of 85 years of HR and consulting experience, and over 100 years of building software.

Our approach to Conversational UI

Conversations are at the core of a civilization and cultures’ identity, without conversation we would not have the transfer of ideas, the pyramids, or the capability of falling in love. It is the most human characteristic we own, and without it society would not be able to function the same way.

Ulimi is programmed to understand how you speak, what you are saying, and what to do. Ulimi is automating business processes, alleviating time constraints, and putting the power back in the hands of the user. Technology has now reached a point where we can enhance our rich language, through establishing a direct communication line utlizing the worlds most powerful AI. Start the conversation with Ulimi.

Our Team

Nick Dokich

Founder & CEO

Kurt Wells

Co-Founder & COO

Doug Goodwin

VP, Strategic Partnerships

Rohan Patil

Chief Technology Officer

Kristopher (KC) Dixon

Director of Operations

Chrissy St. John

User Experience Designer

Jake Stinson

Software Developer

Cara Burke

Conversational Design Intern

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

To help our fellow businesses operate more effeciently by creating good software that solves your problems. 

Respect the Golden Rule

To be honest, open, and reliable to our cilents, partners, and teammates. We care about transparency and, above all else, treating everyone like the close friends that they are.

Delight & Inspire

We are firm believers that time is your most valuable resource, and wasting it on repetitive tasks is the definition of insanity. Backed by AI and powerful integrations, we create more than just automated software. We create smart employees.

Our team’s passion lies in people, HR, technology, and giving back to our community. We are proud to have sponsored these local events and organizations: Florence Freedom minor league baseball, Covington Edge’s bourbon barrel arts project, Northern Kentucky SHRM, and TEDxCincinnati.

Our Partners

Have a Project in Mind?


See how we can help! Tell us your vision for the project, or your concerns about making it successful, and let us help you bring it across the finish line.

We love a good challenge. If your needs go beyond our product lineup, no need to worry! We are ready to roll up our sleeves and create custom software that’ll knock your socks off.