AI Bots

Alexa, Google Home, Skills, Facebook Bots, what does it all mean?
Chatbots, Voicebots, Conversational Marketing. Ulimi creates custom Automated Conversational Experiences based on business requirements. We are platform agnostic and will help you decide the best options for your experience.

Automated Conversational Experiences

Are changing the way we interact. Intelligent assistants, chatbots, and voice-enabled devices like Alexa and Google Home, offer a new, natural, and intuitive human-machine interaction.


Ulimi creates AUTOMATED CONVERSATIONAL EXPERIENCES enabling organizations to have better conversations with users, increase self service engagement, and automate user interactions.


According to a survey by Oracle, 80% of surveyed organizational leaders expressed that their business is either already using automated experiences, or planning to do so by 2020.
We expect bots to replace humans – not computers. The conversational UI mimics the interaction with a human through text. Chatbots can handle explicit requests and we break them into two categories, Flow and AI. A flow bot is the simplest form of automation that can still producs high engagement. A flow bot is like a decision tree, responses are limited and the experience focused on 1 or 2 major calls to action. An AI bot is an Intelligent Assistant that can interpret simple and complex questions and transactions. These bots are best suited for efficiency, training, and areas where the user knows what to ask.

Alexa & Google Voicebots

Alexa and Google Home are the front runners in this category. Best used for complex tasks, third party integrations, business process automation, and business intelligence.
This new way to interact with machines, using nothing but our voice – our most basic communication and expression tool – takes human-machine relationships to a whole new level. Computers are now capable of recognizing our voice, understanding our requests, responding back, and even replying with suggestions and recommendations. Being a natural interaction method for humans, voice makes it easy for people of any age to engage with computers in a limit-free environment.


With over 300,000 bots made on the platform in only 2 years, you can combine traditional UI elements like cards, etc. Perfect for lead generation and E-commerce.
Facebook Messenger is the market leader in bot creation. Ulimi specializes in Messenger experiences for brands and maintains well above 50% open rates.

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NLU/NLP (natural language understanding/processing) is a type of artificial intelligence that “reads the text” of our conversation and attempts to extract the intent behind our words.   NLU is applied to all of our smart assistants and advanced projects. Once the bot understands the commands and questions, we then add a fulfillment layer and program responses to business requirements.

Why Chatbots?


User Insight

Provide end-to-end customer tracking buy collecting powerful insights on user trends. Conversational data turns into actionable business intel. Able to create “true” business landscape.

Operating Cost Reduction

Shield your organization from low-value emails, calls, chats, and reduce employee time handling repetitive tasks. Automated Experiences reduce service delivery time and allow the organization to focus on high-value interactions.

Increased Efficiency

Automates repetitive and mundane questions and tasks Allows employees to handle larger workload and be alerting when a human touch is needed.

User Expectations

Automated Experiences increase user self-service engagement. Users prefer the convenience and speed of on-demand services and answers to their questions.


Almost unlimited integrations, can adapt to changing business needs in real time. Automated Experiences can scale to execute upon thousands of functions and conversations at once.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve user satisfaction ratings while minimizing human error. Users want to have their questions answered immediately and will be dissatisfied with a slow or wrong response.

Unlimited System Integrations

Learning Management

Who is trained on cGMP? What was the average score on the sales training?

Enterprise Resource Planning

How many widgets have been picked today? Where is the product shipment now?


Who are my top 5 employees? What staff members are on the schedule?

Benefits Enrollment

Can I carry over my FSA to the new year? How much PTO do I have?

Applicant Tracking

How many open jobs do we have? Who is onboarding this week?

Customer Relationship Management

How is my inbound marketing performing? Who has hit their sales goals?


What are my accounts payable? What invoices haven’t been paid?


What were my labor costs last week? What are my salary costs?

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