Earlier this year, Kentucky Community & Technical College System identified a challenge with their registered apprenticeship program. Coordinators were getting too bogged down with the day-to-day tracking of training hours for each apprentice. This leads to the Coordinators potentially missing out on other value-add opportunities and inhibits their ability to effectively scale the program.

That’s when the newest brainchild from ULIMI was born: Click360 Apprenticeship. With Click360 Apprenticeship, apprentices and their supervisors are empowered to collaborate in a shared space to record and approve various types of training hours. The coordinator is able to continue to monitor and track progress without having to be involved in the daily minutiae of logging hours that have already been logged by an apprentice. Simultaneously, supervisors are able to see logged hours and sign off on progress on their own schedule.

In addition to tracking hours towards various training targets, supervisors are able to set up different skills to track and score an apprentice’s competence with ease.

With Click360’s smart tracking software, coordinators and supervisors are now able to focus on other value-add duties. At Madisonville Community College, the coordinator would spend approximately 39 hours every month just on logging, tracking, and reporting apprentice training hours. Now she doesn’t have to spend any of her time keeping track of training logs and has recovered almost a whole work week every month!

Looks great to me!  Pretty easy to use and will make an impact in managing our guys.


Apprentice Mentor

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