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A few of our favorite automated experiences

Featured Case Study

KEYSOCKS was experiencing an abysmal 4% open rate, not effectively engaging with their customers and social media followers. Ulimi was contracted to develop a technology platform and consumer touch strategy to engage/re-engage KEYSOCKS subscribers in an effort to generate KEYSOCKS excitement, engage existing/new customers and grow revenue opportunities. 

Ulimi did …


Open Rate


Click Through Rate



Our Client


Making an Impact

Through this re-engagement, Ulimi created the Keysocks Ambassador program. Increased the overall subscriber network by 2% and maintained a 90% open rate all of our touch campaigns through our developed conversational AI experience. This is over a 1000% increase in engagement.

Increased Engagement

Ulimi developed an organic growth plan to increase subscribers and re-engage with Keysocks followers

Convert Directly

Users did not need to leave Messenger to purchase. Increased engagement, and simplified UX.


A unique way for the Keysocks founders to connect directly with followers and customers

Featured Client Experiences

Lead Generation

Ulimi created a simple Messenger Bot to attract candidates and answer general questions. Click to see Bot in action. (Bot opens in Facebook Messenger)


Ulimi created a Messenger experience to increase sales, visibility, and engage with the consumer in a hyper-personalized way. Click to see Bot in action. (Bot opens in Facebook Messenger)

B2B- Business Coaching

Ulimi designed a B2B web experience, rebranding the company and increasing awareness. Click to open website (non-bot).

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