Chat Chats: Introduction

Chat Chats is a series to educate, engage and empower the community on voicebots and chatbots. We recognize that voice will be the prolific interaction medium in the years to come. In addition, we recognize that the world of user interaction is dynamic and always evolving. Yet, constant evolution induces confusion and delay, especially when there is little to no information documented on conversational design and voice. We hope to solve some of these problems by answering some of the most common and challenging questions we receive on a daily basis.

Why the name Chat Chats?

Water cooler conversations are profoundly recognized as the most successful knowledge sharing source. These conversations tend to be short, information loaded, and educational. We feel that why not digitize these conversations and provide a platform for anyone to learn information on the future of chatbots and conversational design. Hence, Chat Chats name represents a quick and informative article series about the realm of chatbots.