It’s that time of year that every employee dreads: performance review season. It’s no surprise that employees dread their annual performance review. No one likes to be scrutinized for their work performance and the anxiety of what your performance review will entail is significant. 

While annual performance reviews are supposed to be cumulative of the last year, they are often only a review of the last few weeks. This review could mean an employee gets promoted or they could be denied that promotion they’ve been waiting on. However, employees aren’t the only ones who hate performance reviews. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, 58% of executives believe that current performance reviews do not drive employee engagement or performance and are tense and stressful for both parties. The need for a new way to conduct performance reviews is not new, however, this year employee performance reviews are being done remotely. And with a workforce that has been doing work from home for the last few months, performance reviews just got more complicated.

How do you review someone’s performance who’s been working remotely for almost the entire year? Then, how do you apply these reviews to the upcoming year, not knowing what the year could entail?

Traditionally, performance reviews have been done with some form of manual system, with little ability to produce a document showing audit completion, let alone a listing of deficiencies. The problem: this results in a confusing review that leaves your employees feeling discouraged.

The solution: offering your employees a 360 view of their work through task management, coaching, recognition and more ALL year long. Click 360 even offers a chance for employees to be evaluated by managers, peers, and subordinates–not just the manager at the time of the review.

With no clear vision for what the future of remote work will look like, offering your employees a task management system can be beneficial for not only your employees, but your managers, too; making those yearly performance reviews, not as dreadful as they once were.

Performance reviews shouldn’t suck. They shouldn’t be time expensive or get in the way of work, either. That’s why performance management softwares like Click360 are offering an easier way to complete performance reviews this season. 

Now you can hold performance reviews via a new virtual event platform! Learn more, here.