Press Release: During a Time When Many Businesses are Questioning their Plans, ULIMI Responds with a New Product to Help Easily Connect Companies with their Employees and Customers

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and many companies sending their workers home to work remotely, ULIMI has adapted their existing software to create ULIMI Reach. ULIMI had a goal in mind to foster meaningful conversations between organizations, employees, and customers. The ULIMI Reach software will make it easy for companies to reach their employees or their customers in real time from anywhere.

With the central focus on adapting to our ever changing world, ULIMI saw a problem and created a solution. ULIMI Reach can send scheduled messages to thousands of employees or customers with the click of a button. With the live chat feature, ULIMI Reach can help connect organizations to their audience, by sending texts directly to their phones and keeping those responses in a centralized location. By focusing on text communication, companies have seen seven times higher engagement rates than using the traditional method of email communication. ULIMI Reach can send everything from pictures to pdfs to communicate with employees and customers within seconds. With ULIMI Reach, companies can not only communicate more efficiently, but also collect data with the ability to send fully customizable surveys to users and receive all of that information in a common location. 

ULIMI was founded to create forward thinking technology to make business processes more cost efficient and leave more time for innovation. With those beliefs in mind, ULIMI created Reach: the answer to your organization’s problems that may have come along with the pandemic. Knowing that this is a crucial time for businesses across the country, ULIMI strives to offer the most affordable options to keep businesses moving forward and is committed to the success of their Greater Cincinnati community at the forefront. 

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