Instantly upgrade your communication strategy

Simple, smart, effective messaging.

Send updates. Share files… Or just chat. We provide organizations of all shapes and sizes a quick and easy way to connect to each member of your team, directly.

Faster Response rates

By using ULIMI Reach, users will experience response rates that are 60x faster than normal email response.

Increase HR Capacity

Smart Schedules allow you to create messages that are sent directly to your employee’s phone whenever you want to contact them.

Actionable feedback

Create a seamless feedback with survey analytics and Live Chat, you can receive feedback almost instantly!

Blast critical information

Emails get buried in your email box. Use SMS, which has a 98% response rate, to communicate with your employees. With 1 click reach your entire organization.

JTM Employee Engagement Case Study

With ULIMI – Reach, they were able to create customized and branded employee surveys that are sent out day 1, 7, 30, and 60. 

Armed with ULIMI – Reach’s simple automation, J.T.M. realized a 56% decrease in turnover from last year.

0 Hours were spent creating, conducting, recording, reporting and follow-up on all stay interviews for employees

Since launching stay interviews, J.T.M. has also used the platform for exit interviews, career path assessments, and automated referral bonus notifications.

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Recognition done right. Rewards at the tip of your finger tips. Retain your employees today. Works on any device.

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Employee Engagement & meaningful surveys with the simplicity of a text.

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