With more and more companies leaning into the idea of real time feedback, improving the performance review process and efficiency is more important than ever.

If you’re in human resources, you know that there is a decent amount of work you do that would absolutely be done in a much easier, quicker way. Well, if you know anything about Ulimi, you know that we are doing our best to find that easier, quicker way. 

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. HR is such a layered job. I’m sure that they take care of 10 different things a day and are being pulled in several directions. Not saying that any of these things are unimportant, but should certain tasks be prioritized over others? Absolutely. 

The people I know in HR are in that department because they want to help people. They are the people who have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. They are also the people who have to remain the “people person”. With that being said, the paperwork process in HR is never ending. There are so many forms for so many different things. Just going through the interview process, and then the actual on-boarding process can seem like it drags on. You get it. We’ve all had that job. (Ok, Sydney get to the point.)

At Ulimi, we have created a way to add more value to your time spent at work. Instead of handing out thousands of pieces of paper and filing them in a giant filing cabinet to let them sit there and take up space. Also, you’re murdering a ton of trees, dude. It’s almost 2020, stop killing the trees! So, what exactly did we create and what is the main focus? We created Click360 and our main topic for today is performance review and management. 

Click360 is a completely online, desktop and mobile friendly, app that is the main human resources hub for the workplace. It has everything you need and is accessible at all times. Something that I find really cool that we have done with performance review and management is that we made it so easy. A lot of workplaces have to do quarterly reviews, and at the very least an annual review. These are time consuming, tedious, but still super important. I know that as an employee, I want to know how I’m doing at my job. Honestly, I just want to be reassured that I’m doing my part, but also that I’m growing within my job. 

Click360 allows these reviews to go by so much quicker. It also allows 100% transparency. This is HUGE for me. I have worked places where I will get a performance review and sit down with my boss and HR and talk about what needs to be talked about, and I will never see this information ever again. I will often forget what was even said in the meeting or what was written down. Was I honest in my review? If there was something I had to work on, what was it? Click360 lets you see this anytime. Like, this is how I use it. I would probably be laying in bed, not able to sleep, and just passing the time on my phone. I probably get a great idea at 2:47 AM to check how things are going at work and hone in on that for the next hour. It may not be my best idea ever, but the fact that I can do that is pretty sweet. 

This program not only gets all of your performance review needs met, but it spits out data that can be read in an easy way. Some people respond better to performance reviews by talking it out with someone or seeing it written down, and some respond better to data and numbers. You can have the best of both worlds with Click360. One of the companies that used Click360 found it to be a tremendous success. Hours that were spent on performance reviews decreased by 74%! In following years, there an additional 35% decrease in time. The most important note with this company was that they had a best ever 96.8% on time completion, and a high satisfaction rate with the whole process itself. 

Now I’m not saying this is the only way for HR to go about their business, but it is the smartest. There can be some real serious s**t that goes down in the workplace, and that’s what HR is there for. They are there to be a HUMAN RESOURCE (Get it? Human? You know, someone with feelings and empathy). Yeah, they have to get all the messy paperwork done and organized, but that shouldn’t take up half of their week at work. There has to be an easier way, and there is…because I just told you about it, remember? It’s called Click360. 

Bottom line: performance reviews are important and necessary. They shouldn’t make the person in HR compare it to a root canal, though. (True story, a guy really said that.) It should also be 100% transparent to the employees because it’s going to make the workplace more trustworthy and allow more room for growth.