Happy Labor Day…is it really the end of summer?!?!  To our clients and Ulimi staff, thank you for your business, trust and dedication!  You’ve worked hard so enjoy your backyard BBQs, weekend at the lake, the start of College Football (finally) and the WEBN fireworks (Cincinnati folks)! 


Coincidentally…this week at Ulimi we happened to reflect on the meaning of Labor Day, the work we do and then began to ponder…“Do the new-age workers, digital workers, actually celebrate Labor Day too?” Hmmmm…the answer we got may surprise you!


When I asked the team this week…what is WORK? And the WORK we do? It was apparent in their answers that WORK is absolutely necessary and important. “Work uplifts humanity and the clients, customers and coworkers that we work with day in and day out.” The team was adamant that while though at times (a lot of the time), it should be taken seriously and done with excellence. “You know, sometimes work might be treated like “a necessary evil”, as if it has no importance, but no matter what kind of work one might do within the organization, we have the opportunity to touch lives.” And, “it’s the worker who’s the important part of work – internal and external.” “It’s also about the TEAM!  Everyone has a specific part to play and each role is so essential to insure and drive overall success.”  WOW…I was impressed with the responses!


So now I ask you reading, have you stopped to consider what your team could or should look like in each of your departments, organizations, or workplace?  Have you considered what type of workers you might need to push your department to the next level or business forward or create better efficiencies? Have you considered how your actions of care or how helping or developing those entrusted to you could yield better results? Have you told someone lately about the work they are doing  or just simply said “thank you” (and not just in an email) for the work done? 


“At work, we have the opportunity to build meaningfulrelationships, to grow and develop workers and to celebrate those workers for their unique gifts and attributes.”  Personally, I truly recognize that as an owner and business leader…I have an import role, a stewardship role.  I’m the steward of people and workers that drive the enterprise to be a better place. If I, the leader, defaults on this responsibility, the workers suffer, my clients suffer and the organization as a whole suffers.” Thus, I also ask you…are the workers (physical and even those digitalJ) you lead better off? Are you helping them be the most efficient? Are you optimizing performance and are you doing what you can to help them and the organization succeed? 


As I close, I say to each of you, be proud of what you have accomplished so far this year – individually and collectively! Keep pushing hard as we only have 4 months left in 2019. Don’t forget to reflect on the questions I posed above and also, ask yourself, what’s the importance of my WORK? Am I doing it with pleasure or painstakingexcellence? Am I having fun? Enjoy this special day/weekend…a celebration of our efforts and hard work!  And, be sure to thank all those you work with!


Oh yeah….what about those digital workers…do they also celebrate Labor Day? 


I asked Siri and quite honestly, she answered, “I’m sorry, I don’t have an answer to that.” 

I also asked Alexa…if you haven’t checked out the video, watch to see what she had to say…I loved it!


Again, thank you Ulimi staff! And to our Ulimi digital workers!  Thank you…I know you’ll be here this weekend ready to help!


And BTW…if you don’t have any digital workers, we here at Ulimiare here and can help you with that!


All the best!