One of the guiding principles of business is to improve productivity among workers; getting more out of what you already have. Chatbots can be used across a variety of industries to provide customer support, entertain users, provide medical assistance to name a few of the ways this innovative technology is finding use in surprising ways. Let’s take a look at how this technology has been used across various industries: 

  • Spectrum (formerly Charter Communications)
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This cable provider saw a 500% ROI after 6 months of using a chatbot to help with customer service. The chatbot caused 83% decrease in the use of a live agent to assist customers. Agents were also spending a large portion (about 38% or 76,000 requests per year!) of their time resetting passwords for customers. The chatbot was able to reduce the amount of time customers spent resetting their password by 50%. Now, Spectrum handles all customer service questions with a chatbot only. This chatbot is also noteworthy because it was first introduced in 2012, which was one of the first chatbots used by such a large company. 

  • Baby Centre
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Chatbots can not only help with customer support, but they can also drive traffic to an organization’s content. The company Baby Centre used a Facebook messenger bot to give expecting and new mothers automated messages throughout their pregnancy. 84% of users read the automated messages sent through Facebook, and over 50% clicked on the link to view their website. These automated messages increased traffic to their website, and Facebook messages were opened more often than the same messages sent by email. Baby Centre also receives a portion of its funding from ad revenue and users’ using affiliate links on their website, so driving traffic to their website not only made sure expecting mothers received critical information about their pregnancy, but also increased revenue for this organization. 

Screenshot of Amtrak Julie chatbot
  • Amtrak 

Amtrak uses a chatbot named Julie who helps passengers book trips. She simply asks customers when and where they would like to travel. This chatbot isn’t as complex as some of the other chatbots, but this simple service has had a huge impact on this organization. Julie also is meant to act like a customer service representative. She answers roughly 5 million questions a year. Amtrak has seen a 25% increase in booking and a ROI of 800% since implementing Julie. 

  • Ulimi
Screenshot of Ulimi Hire chatbot application

The Ulimi Hire chatbot allows organizations to sift through applications for open jobs. Weights can be assigned to questions based on your organization, so recruiters spend less time screening. For example, if you work in the food industry, an applicant with a food allergy would likely not be a good fit. Therefore, if you assign a weight to a question, or in this case a “deal-breaker” question, you can easily see which applicants have no issues with these deal breaker questions. This chatbot also allows applicants to schedule interviews with recruiters based on their answers to questions. Ulimi Hire is also unique in that it offers both a web-based experience as well as SMS-based applications.

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