Since March, the world has changed immensely. None of us were prepared to deal with a global pandemic this year and it’s been a workplace challenge that no one was ready for. 

Organizations have had to adjust to the “new normal,” creating safe workplaces in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many organizations are reluctant to return to work as usual. Organizational leaders want to make sure that their employees are healthy and safe, and with the CDC requiring daily health checks in many states, creating a safe environment can seem extremely stressful.  


ULIMI Reach offers a simple and easy way to combat the stress of daily health checks. Many small and large organizations, like FUJITEC, have begun using ULIMI Reach Health Checks as a way to make sure their organizations are staying safe and healthy while returning to work.

Here are three ways that ULIMI Reach is helping organizations combat the spread of COVID-19: 

Daily Health Assessments

ULIMI Reach sends automatic daily temperature and health surveys to your employees’ phones before each shift starts. Your employees don’t need to download an app, they can stay compliant with the simplicity of a text message. Our health checks allow you to gradually re-open your business knowing that your employees will be safe.  

No Administrative Overhead 

ULIMI is a smart technology facility that ensures delivery of every health check across time zones, locations, and departments without the need for the administration to send out the texts. Everything is done using A.I. technology and chatbots. Our software will save you time and keep your information secure.

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Automatic Reminders & Reporting 

With ULIMI Reach, health checks are sent directly to employees’ phones via text, while reports are sent to the manager’s email automatically. Allowing you to focus on getting your organization back to work. 

For more information on ULIMI Reach Health Checks, click here.