JTM Food Group, located in Harrison, Ohio, began using Click360 for performance management in 2019. The HR Team at JTM was looking for a software solution for their performance reviews and a way to recognize their employees for their hard work. The previous software that JTM had been using was hard to use and hourly employees did not utilize it as much as they had hoped.

Since rolling out Click360 last year, JTM has had a 98.5% completion rate for all performance reviews, with most department managers indicating that they saved more than 2 hours per person reviewed, which has freed up time for many other value-added activities

Tom Burke, VP of Human Resources and Safety at JTM Food Group said:

“One of the first areas we used the Click360 audit module was for lockout tagout audits, which are audits required by OHSA. It is super easy to configure and deploy. Our Maintenance manager takes his tablet out to the manufacturing floor and then he conducts a systematic audit to ensure that each employee can demonstrate that they know how to lockout the machinery.  The audit module allowed us to upload pictures to prove that the task was completed should we need to demonstrate to an outside agency that the audit was complete and thorough. Our experience was so good that we are planning to conduct general safety audits with the software. The Audit module was such a success for our company that we rolled it out for all regular performance reviews which has also been a tremendous success and has made many positive impacts on our overall business performance.”

Additionally, JTM noticed a significant increase in the number of employees taking advantage of their self-appraisal process through Click360. One of JTM’s supervisors even joked that the system was so much better than their previous system, that he could complete a review in less time than it took to go to the bathroom.

The Recognition module is currently in the process of being rolled out throughout the company and as mentioned, Burke says that the system has been “one of the best received programs the company has rolled out in the last five years.”

Other recent feedback includes JTM’s Maintenance Manager who said, “First off I wanted to say I really like the recognition capabilities of Click 360. The other modules have made such a great impact and I think the Recognition module is going to be well received by employees, it will be very easy to use for managers, and it will continue to help us engage and drive workplace performance.”  

Burke also told us that JTM’s Director of Logistics and Distribution wrote to the HR department stating, “Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you that the Recognition program put in place to allow managers to award stars to employees and gifts from our company store when someone goes above and beyond is getting a great response from the people. Whoever came up with that idea did a good job. Stars to them! Thanks…it means a lot out in the field.”  

Another accolade included one from the manufacturing floor.  The Second shift supervisor had this to say about Click 360, “I am really super excited about this new Click360. What a great way to show appreciation for our exceptional employees as well as helping our employees continue to get better at their jobs. The few people that I have discussed it with in the kit room are really hyped about it. This is a great motivational tool.

JTM is also in the process of rolling out Click360’s Coaching module to managers and employees. Burke and his HR team hope to use the Coaching module as the first step managers will take before discipline. Before Click360, the only tool supervisors had to correct behavior was disciplinary action. 

Managers at JTM have a very positive attitude toward the new module because, according to Burke, “they indicate that it is easy to use and it is non-confrontational, so employees can respond more favorably to it.”

JTM is using Coaching so their supervisors can partner with employees to ensure that discipline can be avoided and problems can be fixed early on. Burke said, “Our HR department loves it! We have found that since the coaching module requires a clear Opportunity/Problem Statement, Expected Result and documented Action plan it keeps everyone focused developing clear expectations and documenting results achieved and according to our HR department, more incidents are being reported.  Using the system and process has also enabled us to experience significantly lower turnover rates across the entire company which has saved us a significant amount of money as well.

Click360 offers organizations ten modules to pick and choose from to allow organizations to achieve their business plans, while increasing the level of engagement from all levels in their organization. Try a demo, here.