Why should chatbots be an essential part of your organization in 2021? It’s simple: A.I. is changing the way that all businesses operate. A.I. has been an integral part of our lives for years now, whether we realize it or not. For example, Netflix uses A.I. to recommend content personalized to your interests and Spotify creates playlists based on your musical preferences. A.I. is the reason we love these platforms.

Why not bring that analytical data science to your workplace? 

Based on 2020 workplace trends, A.I. is reshaping the workplace rapidly. Chatbots have especially been becoming more popular as the pandemic continues. 

Chatbots offer companies a way to automate certain conversations in order to meet customer service demands and to reach remote employees. For instance, The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center has been using a chatbot powered by ULIMI, Heidi Hires, to help Kentuckians search and apply to the 91,800 open positions in the state and a New Mexico Workforce Department is using a chatbot called Olivia ot help answer FAQs about unemployment. 

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular due to the automation of tasks and the time that automation saves. ULIMI Reach offers daily COVID health checks that are automatically sent to your employees’ phones’ and the collected data is sent back to you, so there’s no more waiting in lines wasting time.

Chatbots like Heidi Hires and ULIMI Reach are why people are catching on to A.I. These chatbots offer a high potential for return on investment because they allow you to automate your processes and focus your attention on what’s important.

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