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recognition done right

It’s time employers understood the value of properly recognizing employees’ hard work. Click360’s Recognition module provides managers and employees the means to praise anyone who is performing exceptionally. Not only that, now you can put real value behind your recognition process.

No app required

Complete your performance reviews anywhere, anytime. Click360 is a web based product which means you don’t have to download an app! 

Competency Based

You can choose to base your performance reviews on our library of competencies or customize it with your organization’s values.

Workforce segmentation

By using multiple Four Box Models, display data in ways that make sense for YOUR organization. 

Plan and pricing

We offer per module pricing. For inquiries about the software that works for you, please visit our website or email us directly.

J.T.M. Click360 Case Study

J.T.M. was looking for a way to streamline and improve their performance review process. Click360 met their needs from cost and usability standpoints.

Armed with Click360’s innovative review process, J.T.M. was able to realize:

52% decrease in turnover rate

98% engagement  and completion rate

74% decrease in hours spent on performance reviews

46% decrease in cost of conducting performance reviews

Since launching Click360, J.T.M. has also used the platform for recognizing exceptional employees, equipment/employee audits, and goal tracking.

We now have an easy, efficient, and effective tool to hold staff accountable to meeting our goals

Tracie A.

HR Manager, J.T.M. Food Group

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