179th Annual Chi Psi Convention and Spencer Institute

Open Session: May 20th 2020


Welcome Brothers and Guests to our VIRTUAL Convention and Spencer Institute…a first ever! We are certainly glad we are able to host and have you join for this unique festive and educational assembly. In honor of the spirit that has perpetuated our Brotherhood over the years, please take the opportunity to connect, learn and give thanks for the opportunities we have as members and affiliates of Chi Psi. For those of you participating in the Spencer Institute, we ask that you come with an open mind as our sessions will be much different than those at a physical convention. Nevertheless, the contents and topics will be extremely relevant and important as we press on returning from the recent developments. Many challenges (and opportunities) face our Fraternity and Alphas. The best resources available to you lie within your peers from other Alphas (undergraduates and alumni). Get connected and stay connected! Our business session and final banquet will be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced however the time we spend together will be even more important this year as we make the necessary adjustments to continue to sustain and thrive the next upcoming months and years as well as celebrating our fellowship and the successes we’ve had together this year. Thank you in advance for your contribution and commitment. And, as Denny Sanford has so challenged us, “Aspire to Inspire”! YITB

Events and Sessions

The Spencer Institute – #1s

Friday – Saturday

Virtual Reception and Banquet

Saturday 5:30pm

The Spencer Institute – Ritual

Friday – Saturday

Additional Info

Registration: Open

Room: 179 Convention Room

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179th Attendee List: Click Here

Chi Psi Memorials: Philip Spencer / Robert Heyward McFaddin / Jacob Henry Farrell / John Brush Jr / Samuel Titus Taber / James Lafayette Witherspoon / William Force Terhune / Alexander Peter Berthoud / James Chatham Duane / Patrick Upshaw Major

Business Plan Report : 2019-2020

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Live Chat

The Main Stage – Live in 15min

–   Executive Council/Trustees

   (Joint session)

The Dick Jenrette Trust Room – Live at 5pm

–   Virtual Cocktail Hour

   Presentation – Fun with old houses

The Executive Council Room – Live Tomorrow!

–   Thayer Trophy – Interviews – 11am

–   Founders Trophy – Interviews – 11:30am

–   Spencer Institute Sessions – Rising Leaders – 12pm