Chat Chats: One

Have you ever heard the terms ‘conversation UI’  ‘chatbot design’ ‘voice UI’? All these terms lead to the same thing…conversational design.

When creating a chatbot, a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, creators have to think about how a bot interacts with a human. Typically, people consider a successful bot one that provides answers quickly and accurately to users in search of answers/solutions. Yet, there is much more to the success of a bot. A successful bot has to have personality, yet at the same time remain a computer in the eyes of a user. This is conversational design.

The role of a conversation designer is to factor in both the user’s needs and the technological restrictions to create a functional product. A conversational designer plans the conversation, defines the flow and anticipates all the user’s possible experience. All of which come together to create a product with a personality that satisfies the user’s needs.