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Session 17: May 1-5


Caracole is Greater Cincinnati tristate region’s nonprofit AIDS Service Organization, devoted to positively changing lives in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Founded in 1987, we started as a small, non-medical hospice for people dying of AIDS. Today, while treatment and prevention are available, the HIV epidemic has not gone away. It remains a significant humanitarian, public health and economic issue. Today, Caracole works to end HIV/AIDS by providing: Prevention: preventing the spread of HIV through community outreach, education, HIV/HCV testing, PrEP assistance, safer sex, safer injection and overdose prevention supplies, syringe services and treatment referrals Housing: offering a variety of permanent housing support to prevent homelessness and to stabilize individuals and families living with HIV Care: helping individuals living with HIV access the health care they need through medical case management and pharmacy services.

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Plant President : Susan Elkington

Plant Site :1,300+ acres

Total facility size : 8.1 million sq. ft. (Equal to 169 football fields under roof)

Current Employment :8,000+

Products :Lexus ES 350 / Camry sedan / Camry Hybrid sedan/ Avalon sedan / Avalon Hybrid sedan / 4-cylinder & V6 engines / axles / steering components / machined blocks / cylinder heads / crankshafts / camshafts / rods & axle assemblies / dies

Supplier Information :350+ parts and commodities supplier locations in the U.S.; 100+ located in Kentucky

Operations :Stamping, die manufacturing, body weld, paint, plastics, vehicle assembly, engine/axle machining and assembly

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The Toyota Main Stage – Live in 15min

–   How I learned to lead a successful Team in 5 steps

–   Michael Rodenberg – CEO of Murakami

The Bosch Innovation Room – Live at 5pm

–   3D Printing for OEMs

–   James Sheenan – CEO of Mubea

The Hitachi Inspiration Corner – Live Tomorrow!

–   CNC new technology – Nick Dokich – 11am

–   Food manufacturing – Lessons from Coronavirus – Tony Maas – 11:30am

–   Mental Health while getting back to work – Jen Beck – 12pm