Managing a workforce before COVID-19 wasn’t always easy, but now managing a workforce that is remote and in-office is even harder. However, it doesn’t have to be. With Click360, you can streamline the way you manage your workforce.

Click360 offers ten different modules to help you simplify your approach to management.  

Goal Management

Setting goals and monitoring them is a key part of successfully managing your teams, but oftentimes we put them on the back burner, only checking in with our employees once a year.

The goal management module is a game-changer. Click 360 allows managers to monitor their goal progress in real-time, every day. You can collect data every day, once a week, or once a month–it’s up to you!

Plus, Click360 offers a Four Box Model to help your team figure out who is exceeding their expectations and who may need a little push.


If you see that someone on your team is struggling to meet their goals or perform to the organization’s standards, you can utilize the coaching module. 

As a manager, you can assign coaching to these employees who are not quite meeting your expectations, but your employees can also ask for help in the coaching module if they start to feel that they need help in a specific area. This makes coaching feel more like extra encouragement than a forced learning module.


Everyone loves to receive recognition for their efforts. Ninety-six percent of employees want to hear regular feedback and receive recognition from their employers. If you notice an employee is going above and beyond your organization’s standards you can give them rewards using Click360’s reward module.

Our reward module allows your employees to see who was recognized for the hard work and why, making others want the same recognition, in turn increasing productivity. VP of Human Resources at JTM Food Group, Tom Burke believes that “formal recognition is a critical component to increasing employee engagement and retention.”

With Click360’s performance management software, you can pick and choose which modules are necessary for your organization and which ones you don’t need. Get more information on the other seven modules here.