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About Ulimi

We are a firm believer that time is your most valuable resource, and wasting it on repetitive tasks is the definition of insanity. Through AI and powerful integrations we build more than just chatbots. We build smart employees.

Our Approach to Navigating the Conversational World of AI

Conversations are at the core of a civilization/cultures identity, without conversation we would not have the transfer of ideas, the pyramids, or the capability of falling in love. It is the most human characteristic we own, and without it society would not be able to function the same way.

Ulimi is programmed to understand how you speak, what you are saying, and what to do. Ulimi is automating business processes, alleviating time constraints, and putting the power back in the hands of the user. Technology has now reached a point where we can enhance our rich language, through establishing a direct communication line utlizing the worlds most powerful AI. Start the conversation with Ulimi.

Our Partners

Our Awesome Team

Nick Dokich

Nick Dokich

Founder & CEO

Nick, is a serial entrepreneur interested in all things People Ops. He caught the entrepreneurial bug at an early age of 12, selling energy drinks from his backpack. Since then, he’s accumulated over 12 years of management experience, 7 years of leadership development/training, and 3 years in technology/automation. Being a millennial, he was normally the youngest in the boardroom. After automating over 60,000 working hours and $1.2 mil saved through his efforts, he now works directly with front-line employees and executives to automate their HR processes and Talent Management.
Reid Elkins

Reid Elkins

Backend Develolper

Reid has a broad range of talents and aspirations, from an education in Computer Science to leading people as both a member and team leader and soon, as an officer in the United States Air Force. He will be continuing his education while becoming a Cyber Officer for Cyber Command. Reid is young and practical, but very ambitious and always working late hours to perfect whatever task he is working on. Reid joined Ulimi for internship experience but since has worked with 6 different languages and is currently Ulimi’s lead developer for chatbot NLP and back-end applications.

Shane Sarin

Shane Sarin


Shane is an undergraduate Economics major at UNC Chapel Hill who is involved in the Entrepreneurship Minor at UNC. He started his first company when he was 16 which utilized Uber like technology, and has worked for multiple startups since then, helping them build from the ground up. Shane has also had 5 years of experience leading development teams offshore in India, and has acquainted himself with the various responsibilities that come with that interaction. In the end Shane has joined Ulimi to work on a platform that can make an impact in an industry that needs change.

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